Frequently Asked Questions

  • Look no further
  • The activation of your iPhone is locked by its IMEI number or by a locked iCloud account?
    Don't worry, we can unlock and activate it for you!

    iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Apple watch, regardless of the device or model, we can unlock it and activate it perfectly!

  • What services do you provide?
  • We provide an iCloud removal service for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple watch and an IMEI unlock solution for iPhones and iPads. That allows you to activate your device and/or use it with the service provider of your choice. All devices and carriers are supported worldwide.

  • About IMEI Unlock
  • If your iPhone or iPad is IMEI locked with a previous carrier, you won't be able to activate (use) it without whitelisting (unlocking) this IMEI first. We provide an official IMEI Unlock service in order to solve this issue and finally activate your iPhone or iPad. To unlock your IMEI, we only need your device IMEI or serial number. Find yours here.

  • About iCloud Removal
  • If your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple Watch is locked with a previous iCloud account, you won't be able to activate (use) it without first removing this account lock. We provide an official iCloud activation lock removal service in order to solve this issue and activate your device. To remove your iCloud account, we only need your device IMEI or serial number. Find yours here.

  • Devices supported for IMEI Unlock
  • All iPhone and iPad models are supported for IMEI Unlock services: Our unlock service is based on your IMEI or serial number, so their iOS version, model, carrier or country are irrelevant for us. Once we "whitelist" your IMEI or serial number on the corresponding database carrier company, your device will be unlocked and ready to use on any carrier around the globe.

  • Devices supported for iCloud Removal
  • Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple watch is supported for iCloud activation lock removal. Our iCloud unlock services are based on your IMEI or serial number, so their iOS version or model are irrelevant for us. Once we "whitelist" your IMEI or serial number on the Apple database your device will be iCloud unlocked and ready to be activated with your new iCloud account.

  • iOS Versions
  • iOS version is irrelevant. If the activation of your device is locked by iCloud or IMEI we can activate it for you regardless of the iOS version or model. We guarantee that our iCloud unlock service will perfectly unlock and activate your Apple device!

    We make for you the necessary steps with Apple and/or the previous celullar carrier of your device in order to remove any previous iCloud locked account or any IMEI lock status. This is completely legit, therefore it will not void any terms or warranties from Apple or your carrier. All features will work perfectly well.

  • Will your service work in my country?
  • Our solution works in every country on every network. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, France, Spain, anyone!

  • What about devices I purchased in another country? America, China etc?
  • We can unlock them all regardless of where you purchased them. Once unlocked, they will work on any network in any country worldwide.

  • How many devices can I unlock?
  • You can unlock one device at a time.

  • Which features will I lose?
  • None.

  • Will a future firmware update re-lock my device?
  • An emphatic no! Updating your device will never lock you again after using our services.

  • How long does it take after purchase to get my iPhone unlocked?
  • A standard 1-10 working days. Once your carrier provider and Apple confirms that your IMEI or iCloud account is unlocked, we will email you immediately to finish the process.

  • Is it easy to install?
  • Unlike other methods currently available, our solution is by far the easiest and quickest one.
    Whitelisting the IMEI number of your iPhone and removing your locked icloud account are done remotely so you don't need to do anything on your device. We do all the work for you.

  • When can I get it?
  • Right now. Enter IMEI number or serial number of your device in our unlock IMEI or iCloud remove page. Once your data is complete, click on the green button to proceed with payment.

  • How much is it?
  • Only one time payment of USD 29.99 via Credit Card, Debit Card and many others.
    Or save 30% off paying with bitcoins U$S 19,99 final! Know how here

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